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Grand National 2019 Prize Money and Betting Offers

The Grand National is one of the affluent horse races in the world in terms of the Grand Prize Money. In 2019, the Grand National once again provided a prize of a total of £ 1 million. In the end, this race attracted another big field. Over the years, Aintree Grand National has had many sponsors for the race. The biggest supporter of Steeplechase in the world today is Randox Health.

How Much will the Aintree winner earn? Aintree recently confirmed that this year’s prize money is the same as last year with a total worth of £ 1 million and top-10 finishers will receive a check. With a total of 40 runners, this means only 25% of the horses will get prize money. The first winner will receive £ 561k, a life-changing amount for most horse racing owners. With a difference of £ 350k between first and second finishing, this race has a high bet.

Grand National prize breakdown per position:

1st £ 561,300
2nd £ 211,100
3rd £ 105,500
4th £ 52,700
5th £ 26,500
6th £ 13,200
7th £ 6,800
8th £ 3,600
9th £ 2,000
10th £ 1,000

The Grand National Betting Offers

The Grand National Betting Offers to provide the most significant betting turnover of all horse racing in the world. There will always be offers that will help customers during the race. Some bookmakers may remove their initial registration offer in the days leading up to the Grand National. But don’t worry, there are still many Grand National Bets deals that can be obtained at the actual race.

Customers can also take full advantage here. Even if you are already a customer of a leading bookie, you will still always be looking for their Grand National betting offer. To attract customers to place bets, the dealer may offer refunds on fallers, unseated Jockeys or fallen horses. It is possible for other bookies to increase the payment of standard top four places to the top 5, 6 or even 7th position.

The Grand National has a total of 30 complicated fences and a field crowded by 40 runners. Seeing fallers during a race is an impossible thing. Fallers can mean that a horse falls and the jockey does not sit, or the horse is dropped by another participant while racing. In case of fallers, bookmakers will return your bet (up to a certain amount) as a free cash bet. Again, be sure to check each player’s betting offer terms, in short, if your horse falls, is lowered or the jockey doesn’t sit then you will get your money back.

This term is a good insurance bet. With around 10-15 of the 40 players expected to end their race in this way, the disappointment of supporting a sudden falling horse can be removed.

Here are some of the ports that are widely used by customers:

1.Paddy Power

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