How to Watch Grand National 2024 Live Stream Online

Watching the Grand National 2024 live stream Online and on TV from anywhere.The upcoming 2024 Grand National will be the 175nd edition of the annual running of the Grand National horse race. The officials also call it as the Randox Health 2024 Grand National. It will take place on Saturday 13 April 2024, at Aintree Racecourse near Liverpool, England. But before the main game, folks can also come to the site to enjoy the festival started on April 4th. Then there will be Ladies’ Day on 13 April.Randox Health is the primary sponsor of the event, which explains why the name of the Grand National Horse Race has its brand.

Event Grand National 2024
Date 13th April
Time 05:15 PM
Venue Aintree Racecourse
Live Stream Watch Now

Where will the Grand National 2024 be on?

The Grand National is scheduled to return in 2024 on Saturday April 13. It is the crowning glory of next year’s three-day Grand National Festival at Aintree Racecourse which is slated to begin on Thursday April 7

What time is the Grand National 2024 ?

The starting time will be a bit different from the previous editions of the event. The officials have agreed that it is going to be a massive event with the peak viewers. Plus to attract the advertisers, the time starting time will be Like last year, it is a 5.15 pm start time

Grand National 2024 Official TV Coverage

Since it happens in the UK, the official broadcast comes from the respective country. If you are living in the UK, it will be easy for you to watch the upcoming event.ITV has secured the 4-year deal to broadcast the Grand National live for the UK viewers from 2017 to 2024 . So, you will need to tune in your favorite channel to enjoy the event from your home. You can watch the game right through your TV or another medium.

If you prefer to use your PC or laptop, you could hover your mouse to the ITV website and watch Grand National 2024 for free. Meanwhile, the mobile users can install the ITV player app on their devices to watch it live while on the go. With such ample options, there’s no excuse to miss one of the most awaited sporting events in the world. Make sure you have a decent internet connection and a compatible device to view it without any hassle or problem. There will be millions of pairs of eyes witness the moment. So, if you don’t reserve your option now, you will lose your chance to catch up.

How to Watch Grand National 2024 Live Stream Online Without Cable

How if you don’t have cable or satellite plan at home or your current place? Well, the first term you need to uphold for using the ITV player or channel is that you must reside in the UK. So, you will surely have access to it although you don’t have cable or satellite plan.

The functional advantages of living in Britain is that folks can watch British-based TV without any hassle. The local channels will give much coverage for the big sports event like this.

The subscribers can watch all the content without having any trouble. But what if you are living abroad? Don’t worry. There are still many ways that you can use to watch ITV player from your country. You might be traveling overseas, or even living in another country. Regardless of your outside location, you can watch ITV player from the outside of the UK without an excellent subscription price.

The key here is to know how to order the packages from your cable operators. While it is not possible to watch ITV player from outside the UK using the conventional approach, you could use a service known as VPN service. To get access to the ITV outside of the UK, you need to purchase a VPN service and turn it on. We will explain this later on the next points. Here are the list of the media streaming services that you can consider.

Hulu with Live TV

Hulu has been providing excellent service for the cord cutter. With its package, you will get 60+ channels including the coverage of ITV. Consider to try the free trial program to assess the quality. Hulu costs only forty bucks per month.


For the sport fans, FuboTV is a familiar thing. It is popular because it focuses on the sports content and entertainment. It is available in many devices so that it’s possible to use this service while on the go. The service costs $44.99 per month. It also has 7-day free trial.

DirecTV Now

DirecTV Now streaming service is a prevalent choice for those who have left their cable or satellite subscriptions. The service has plenty features including the DVR and rewind feature, in case you miss some moments of the game. The subscription starts from $40 per month.

Sling TV

If you are looking for more affordable option, Sling TV is the answer. For only $25 per month, you will get the major channels coverage including ITV.

PlayStation Vue

It is a live streaming service coming from Sony Brand. For only $44.99, you will attain 45+ major channels including the one that broadcasts the event. Don’t get it wrong. It is not only for PS users, but also public users. You can even use the service in iOS.

YouTube TV

YouTube TV has been prevalent choice for sports lovers because of its high quality in broadcasting live sports and news. It offers 70+ channels. It costs around forty bucks per month. Of course, it is not the cheapest option. But it can be a great deal if you look for more channels.

Best Way to Watch with Cable

The Grand National will be aired live on TV and with cable, you can watch it live. As far as the other stations, you can watch it several. You can watch the Grand National on ITV and ITV HD, if you are in the UK. Other channels that are offering the race are, Free view and YouView, which is ITV3, ITV HD 103, Sky TV, channels ITV 103 and ITV HD 178. Also, Virgin Media channels to watch the race are on ITV 103 and ITV HD 113.


ITV is the best channel to watch the Grand National Steeplechase because it has a contract to air the live coverage until 2020. It will air on ITV HD as well. There are also other channels affiliated with ITV that are airing the race as well. If you have Sky, then ITV 103 is where you will see the Grand National coverage.

ITV player App

The ITV player app is an app to view live tv which is free of advertisements and it is for ITV Hub. You have the option to watch for free or you can pay to watch shows and live television without commercials. You can download the app for the Android or Apple iPhone.

Watching the Grand National 2024 with cable is the most legal option that you can try. However, you will need to be in the UK to be eligible users. If you are UK viewers or traveling to the country, it shouldn’t be a problem to watch the event for free. ITV is “free-to-air” channel in the UK. So, you will need to install your antenna to enjoy the game for free, without paying a single dime.

ITV has secured the broadcasting rights of the Grand National Live from 2017 to 2020. That means you can sit back and relax and tune in your favorite channel to watch the event from your home or office.

Meanwhile, you will be able to watch it through your favorite browser by visiting the ITV website if you prefer to watch it while on the go, consider installing the ITV player app in your device. Even though you are on the move, no single thing can prevent you from watching one of the biggest spectacles in the world. With such options, there is no reason to back off now.

Using VPN to Watch Grand National 2024 Online Live

For those who haven’t known, you will want to understand about the VPN definition first. It stands for Virtual Private Network. It is a system that provides a secure internet connection for internet users. Not only providing a reliable internet connection, but it also gives you the freedom to connect to any other country server for specific purposes. For instance, if you want to watch ITV from outside the UK, you could use your VPN service to connect to the UK server. The ITV provider will see you coming from the UK, thanks to the VPN service.

Not only ITV but also other platforms have the geo-restriction policy which limits folks from outside the coverage area to use their service. The VPN service can provide unlocking abilities as well as protection. No one will know your real IP when you are using the VPN service.

The VPN service can give you leverage to access and watch ITV player from outside the UK without spending a dime. As mentioned, you need to connect to the VPN server which locates the United Kingdom.

Most of the modern VPN services can work in multi-platform. So, it does not matter from which you are going to watch the Grand National 2019: laptop, PC, Android device, or iOS device, you can take advantage of this service.

If you are mobile, it is crucial to install the VPN service apps in your mobile devices. The steps are simple. Once you login to your VPN account, you would want to connect to the UK server. Then proceed to open your ITV Player app. And VOILA, you can watch Grand National 2019 without any hassle.

Through the ITV player, you’ll be able to enjoy all your favorite shows including the sports events. Whether you are somewhere in Asia, Australia, Middle East, or America, you can use the VPN service to watch ITV player without having to move to the UK.

If it is your first time using ITV player from the outside the UK, you might be wondering about how to put the postcode. The users are required to enter a UK postcode when visiting the official ITV Player Website. Once you have connected to the ITV player app or website, you will need to enter the code to proceed using the service. You don’t need to worry. You can enter any UK postcode. Use your favorite search engine and look for postal code that you can copy. Choose whatever postcode you want and use it to open the access from the ITV player.

We have mentioned about the ITV Player. Perhaps you are not up to ITV player; you could also use another service called BBC iPlayer. The platform provides quality streaming services which you can use in any other country as well. The method is just the same. You only need to connect to the UK server, and that’s it.

Grand National 2024 : Horse Race Betting Odds and Tips

The Grand National is set to start early next year. The three-day event is scheduled to run from April 8 to April 10, and it promises a lot of exciting horse races for those who will attend the festival.

Even though the event promises to offer exhilarating entertainment for sports lovers, especially since it will feature top class jockeys and well trained horses, it is also a wonderful opportunity for professional gamblers in online casino book of ra to make huge returns from betting on the Grand National contests. Betting on horse racing is quite a profitable venture, though it is as risky as any gambling and you could win a lot of money if you are not careful with how you place your wager.

2021 Grand National odds

  • 8/1 Tiger Roll
  • 25/1 Native River
  • 33/1 Anibale Fly
  • 33/1 Any Second Now
  • 33/1 Cadmium
  • 33/1 Elegant Escape
  • 33/1 Magic of Light
  • 33/1 Mister Malarky
  • 33/1 Ms Parfois
  • 33/1 Pleasant Company
  • 33/1 Ramses De Teille
  • 33/1 Rathvinden
  • 33/1 Vintage Clouds
  • 40/1 Le Breuil
  • 40/1 Walk In The Mill
  • 50/1 Beware The Bear
  • 50/1 Big River
  • 50/1 Debece
  • 50/1 Discorama
  • 50/1 Jerrysback
  • 50/1 Joe Farrell
  • 50/1 Jury Duty
  • 50/1 Kildisart
  • 50/1 Lake View Lad
  • 50/1 Livelovelaugh
  • 50/1 One For Arthur

Grand National 2022 Preview

The Grand National 2021 will take place on Saturday, 10th April. That means we have less than a month to preserve our option to watch this spectacular event. The Grand National official guide provides you with ample information about the horse race that you could use to enjoy the game appropriately. With the expert horse racing tipsters you can rely on, you will have the peace of mind when reading each of the horses and its chance to win the race. It is wise to save time this year by placing the bets quickly through the online bookmakers. You can also choose the favorite bookmarker now and reserve your options.

Grand National 2021 Runners

Back then, we have hundreds of candidates who could be performing at the Grand National 2019. However, we shouldn’t overlook the fact that only the best runners will appear.

Through the official site of the Grand National 2019, you can look at the complete list of 40 horses running in the event. But that’s not it. You could also see the non-runners list. Each of the runner’s records has compelling information such as the number of the horse, age, weight, rating, as well as the latest odds.

We must highlight that the odds can be changing when the event is approaching. In case the date is around the corner, you will want to go back to your bookmark sites again to see if the odds have changed or not.
Each of the contenders also has specific information related to their chances in the upcoming race. For more details, you will want to check their profile on the official site of the event.

Race Day: 175nd annual running Grand National 2024

Race Day is one of the most awaited events that will stop the country. In the Grand National Race Day, it will starts from 5:15 pm local time. The race time change is to attract more sports viewers. Back then, 4 pm was the rush hour for other kinds of sports. It seems that the officials want to get rid of the competing risks. So, setting the starting time at 5 pm will be sensible enough to maximize the viewers. In the other side, the viewers won’t also be hesitant to watch Grand National 2024 without distraction.

It is essential to know the details on the race day so that you won’t miss the spectacle. The Aintree gates open around 10:30 am each day. The racegoers are eligible to enter the venue at the opening time. So, you will have much time to prepare and get into the course before the first race.

If the waiting hours are too long for you, you could go to the bars or restaurants which open all day. There are also boxes and suites offering lunch before the actual event. Don’t be surprised that many racegoers flock the track between 10:30 am. Of course, with this Race Day information, you don’t want to come later than others. The road will also have entertainment. You could also stroll around with your pals to some shops and stalls that hosted on the site.

Grand National 2021: Full list of confirmed jockeys and horses

  1. Anibale Fly
  2. Valtor
  3. Tiger Roll
  4. Outlander
  5. Don Poli
  6. Go Conquer
  7. Mala Beach
  8. Minella Rocco
  9. Lake View Lad
  10. Pleasant Company
  11. Ballyoptic
  12. Dounikos
  13. Rathvinden
  14. One For Arthur
  15. Rock The Kasbah
  16. Warriors Tale
  17. Regal Encore
  18. Magic Of Light
  19. A Toi Phil
  20. Jury Duty
  21. Noble Endeavour
  22. Monbeg Notorious
  23. Ramses De Teillee
  24. Tea For Two
  25. Mall Dini
  26. Step Back
  27. Ultragold
  28. Blow By Blow
  29. Up For Review
  30. Siglefarmpayment
  31. Vieux Lion Rouge
  32. Valseur Lad
  33. Vintage Clouds
  34. General Principle
  35. Livelovelaugh
  36. Walk In The Mill
  37. Folsom Blue
  38. Captain Redbeard
  39. Bless The Wings
  40. Joe Farrell

Last 10 Grand National Horse Racing winners

Here are the last ten Grand National Horse Racing Winners:

Year Horse Age Wgt Trainer Jockey SP
2018 Tiger Roll 8 10-13 Gordon Elliott Davy Russell 14/1
2017 One For Arthur 8 10-11 Lucinda Russell Derek Fox 14/1
2016 Rule The World 9 10-07 Mouse Morris David Mullins 33/1
2015 Many Clouds 8 11-09 Oliver Sherwood Leighton Aspell 25/1
2014 Pineau De Re 11 10-06 Dr Richard Newland Leighton Aspell 25/1
2013 Auroras Encore 11 10-03 Mrs S Smith Ryan Mania 66/1
2012 Neptune Collonges 11 11-06 P Nicholls D Jacob 33/1
2011 Ballabriggs 10 11-00 D McCain J Maguire 14/1
2010 Don’t Push It 10 11-05 J O’Neill AP McCoy 10/1JF
2009 Mon Mome 9 11-00 Miss V Williams L Treadwell 100/1
2008 Comply Or Die 9 10-09 D E Pipe T Murphy 7/1JF

Radio Broadcast

In case you want to follow the event while driving your car, radio broadcast can be your best option. talkSPORT is the broadcaster of the upcoming Grand National Horse Race.

Watch Grand Nation 2024 Live Stream On Social Media


Facebook is a considerable option to watch the Grand Nation 2024 from your account. It is good idea to follow the official Facebook page of the event. But to watch the whole event, it is not possible. Usually, the officials only share the news, footages, clips, and other related content


Following the official page of the event is a great way to catch up with the game through Twitter. Use appropriate hashtag to find the content you want. There’s also a chance that some folks share the link of live streaming


You will see a lot of people make the buzz about the event. It should be easy to find the content through Reddit. After all, it is one of the biggest social medias on earth.